List of candidates who achieved the minimum score for this call.

The ranking shall remain valid for 36 months from the date of publication on the CRS4 website for the purpose of future temporary and/or permanent recruitment for the same professional profile. The suitability achieved in this ranking list does not constitute any right or expectation on the part of the candidate for the purposes of future recruitment.

Ref Surname Name Valuation
68916 Marotto Valentina 85.62
68923 Soru Costantino 85.25
68933 Milesi Carlo 85.03
68934 Iacolina Samuel Aldo 84.79
68912 Muroni Davide 82.74
68941 Romanino Alessandro 74.75
68931 Porruvecchio Guido 70.40
68904 Buschettu Alberto 68.64