List of candidates who achieved the minimum score to be admitted to the interview.

The oral interviews will take place electronically on July 29th 2020 starting at 09:30 AM. Each candidate admitted to the oral interview will be notified in advance of the access credentials to the video communication platform. The meeting is public: those who wish to attend the talks can make a request by sending an e-mail in advance to the person in charge of the procedure at .

Ref Surname Name Valuation
69054 Giugnini Luisa Anna Maria 40
69000 Pippia Maria Sofia 40
69048 Spano Alessio 34
69036 Puddu Alfio 34
69034 Schievenin Cristina 33
69002 Piras Anna Caterina 31
69006 Manigas Raffaella 31
68765 Corazza Emanuele 30